Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The up side

Hospital day means blood tests and xrays and weight checks and height charts... It means being prodded by doctors and nurses and disputing medication doses with pharmacists.... Its traumatic for both of us!  But the reward is once we are done with the appointments, we get to walk through the parkland's and look out over the river to our gorgeous city skyline...

While walking along the river pointing out boats and water birds, Ayda discovered a bug... She is fascinated with them at the moment and shows no fear... She just picks them up and lets them crawl all over her...

I love that she is curious and fearless... Yes its just a bug, but lots of kids and well lets face it adults are scared of little bugs... The squeal and wave them off... But not my girl... She is brave... I know that she will be able to take on the world and even if she falls and bruises... She will get back up and keep going... Because she is strong... Stronger than I sometimes give her credit for I'm learning to let go of my own insecurities and let her show me what she can do... I know I will be amazed.

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